Hic manebimus optime

Beauty and harmony are not accessories in the workplace, they are its distinctive features.

Unistudio understands that a beautiful work space fosters a positive daily work experience, the spirit of cooperation and creativity and the sharing of knowledge amongst professionals, improving the service to clients.

Making the best of the working environment repays the effort may times over, because it energizes the space and gives it life.

Our identity as the Beautiful Country originates not only in the beauty of the landscape but also in the created beauty, the art. In the case of Unistudio, art is incorporated into the working environment, the creation of homo faber, his technical skills down through the ages, his professional skills as embodied in the space around him. A space of added value that motivates by its man-made beauty and harmony.

Hence, you will find art works dotted all over the Unistudio working environment, from office to office, room after room, in every corridor. To live with and share artistic beauty in the work environment fosters practicality, ideas turned into objects, concrete solutions. Above all, it maintains the impulse to align thinking, including in the professional sphere, with the virtuous concept of καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός (the beautiful and good) which originated in Ancient Greece and was renewed by the Italian Renaissance, denoting the nobility of the hardworking spirit.


From AGI Verona to the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation of Scientific and Humanistic Research, from Rodolfo Viola to Carlo Guzzi and Filippo Senatore, so many sensibilities contributing every day to the work of Unistudio

We are especially grateful for the Art Exhibition to AGI Verona, a cultural association created by Giorgio and Anna Fasol: the collection lent to Unistudio represents the undaunted spirit of curiosity for the new, in the form of the work of young artists, and the expectation of a future seen through the eyes of optimism.

So special thanks to Giorgio, one of the founders of Unistudio in 1998 and a partner until 2009, when he decided to retire from professional life to dedicate himself full-time to his passion: surrounding himself with the work of young, talented artists, based on the pleasure of discovery and the continuous willingness to back his own intuition.

Thanks also to the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation for Scientific and Humanistic Research, which has lent Unistudio works of art that perfectly express the spirit behind its International Prize (MIAP) promoting “the beautiful” in art: the works displayed at Unistudio are an explosion of colour, making manifest he inner emotion of the artist Antonio Meneghetti byu means of brush strokes that move between light and depth.

Special thanks also to the artist Rodolfo Viola– one of the authors in 1971 of the Manifesto of Universalism – who has lent some of his wonderful works to Unistudio, with their conception of the painted space as rhythm and tension, exploding and igniting from an apparent calm.

A special mention for the anthropomorphic figures of Carlo Guzzi, in light metaphysical balance close to toppling over, sculpting empty space occupied by thought; and also for the Brazilian artist Felipe Senatore, so closely associated musically to colours, revealing a refined technique. But there are many other interior and aesthetic pathways Unistudio can offer, artistically and professionally: an open invitation to the future.

Unistudio art gallery