With a dedicated labour law department, we assist clients in numerous market segments.

We are particularly attuned to the concrete corporate dynamics of employment law associated with extraordinary transactions – acquisitions and mergers, the transfer of companies, the restructuring of the work force – both in Italy and abroad.

We provide strategic and integrated in-depth consulting services based on our skills in the field of employment and in conjunction with the other departments at Unistudio, covering regulatory matters, taxation and intellectual property.

The high level of labour law skills in out department is a key value made available to Italian and foreign corporate groups.

Our consulting services are provided both during legal proceedings and for out-of-Court settlements in the following areas:

  • company reorganization and restructuring
  • employment and social security disputes
  • industrial and Trade Union relations
  • disputes over the rights of agencies, distribution, commercial rights and franchising
  • drafting incentive plans (LTIP)
  • assistance in Management Buy Outs and Management Buy Ins

negotiating and drafting severance packages.

We can help clients to automate the leading legal documents in the area of human resources and to organize and protect company know-how in the employment field.


Labour consulting

Our highly-qualified and registered professionals provide consulting services on all aspects of employment law and problems relating to human resources.


Budgeted and real costs

With our lengthy experience, we can assist clients with annual personnel budgets based on new hirings and a variety of corporate scenarios, providing monthly/quarterly figures for real against budgeted costs.


Pay slips

We can provide assistance on all matters relating to monthly pay slips. On the basis of monthly attendance records, through punch cards or electronic means, we provide the company with all the documents required for the monthly management of wages and salaries.

We make all the forms available for payments, for taxation and for accounting purposes in relation to personnel costs, including via electronic data flows processed on-site and integrated with other tools (e.g., the automatic import of corporate home banking for: wages and salaries, the F24 tax form, social security payments and so on).


Online services

Our sophisticated software includes a dedicated area for clients with all monthly documents available in electronic format.

We can also provide direct access by employees who wish to consult their pay slips online, fill in applications for tax deductions and so on. Everything can also be made available via app on smartphones (Android and IOS).


Accounts management

We can automatically integrate all accounting matters relating to human resource management into the company accounts, providing a monthly report on costs. Integration is via electronic data flows set up for direct inclusion in the company accounts. All accounting items are handled according to cost centre logic on the basis of company requirements regarding accounts analysis.

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