Mauro Mantovan Holding s.r.l., the engineering company headed by Mauro Mantovan. CEO of Hiref S.p.A., has purchased 31% of Hiref s.p.a, from Galletti s.p.a., taking a controlling stake in the company.

Unistudio Legal & Tax acted as advisors to Galletti s.p.a. and Mantovan Holding s.r.l. with a multi-practice team comprising senior tax partner Mauro Melandri, senior legal partner Enrico Repetto assisted by Matteo Santellani and advisory partner Leonardo Biondani.

Hiref s.p.a., a Padua-based company, is a specialist in cooling plant for data centers and servers. In 2021, together with its subsidiaries HiDew s.r.l, ItMet s.r.l, Ecat s.r.l., Tecno Refrigeration s.r.l, HiRef Engineering s.r.l. as well as Eneren Srl, in which it holds a stake, the company had a turnover of over 70 million euros, up 11% on the previous year. It has over 300 employees and is a driver of innovative, sustainable technological solutions.